Code Security

Source Code management
that keep your code secured

Manage users, teams, and repos on GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket, fix security
misconfigurations with ease, and set up continuous monitoring with our tool.

Manage Assets

Review and monitor users/teams/repositories. Provide
proper access level to each repository, avoiding "one size
fits all" security antipatterns.

Detect misconfigurations

Run a scan and get comprehensive results with all
possible security misconfiguration in your VCS.

Monitor continuously

We care about your VCS security 24/7. You can configure
notifications and auto-fix for a wide range of source code
security misconfiguration.

Connect your VCS to Code Security Platform and
integrate your GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.


Source Code Security Platform will monitor GitHub Security 24/7, notify you of Security Incident or automatically fix it if it is possible.


Implement Security Best Practices in your GitLab. Be sure that Least Privelege principle properly ocnfigured for your teams.


Protect repositories from Insider Threat attacks. Easily manage leavers and protect your codebase from unauthorized changes.

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