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What we do


mobile application penetration testing service

Mobile Applications Security Testing

In this mobile-centric era, the security of your applications is of paramount importance. Our team employs a manual approach to meticulously test your Android and iOS mobile applications. By adopting industry best practices and leveraging our expertise, we identify potential security loopholes, protecting your users' sensitive data and preserving the integrity of your applications.
web application penetration testing service

Web Applications Security Testing

Web applications serve as a crucial gateway for both users and attackers. At Bspeka, we recognize the significance of safeguarding these entry points. Through comprehensive and meticulous testing, we identify vulnerabilities within your web applications. Our detailed recommendations empower you to take proactive measures and strengthen your application's defenses against potential breaches and exploits.
network infrastructure penetration testing service

Network Infrasctructure Penertation Testing

With meticulous attention to detail, we conduct thorough assessments of your network infrastructure. Our goal is to uncover any vulnerabilities that may exist within your system's architecture, ensuring its robustness against both common and sophisticated cyber threats. Our comprehensive reports provide valuable insights and detailed recommendations for enhancing your network security posture.
cloud security assessment service

Cloud Security Assesment

As organizations increasingly embrace cloud technologies, the need for robust cloud security becomes ever more critical. Our combined manual and automated approach enables us to conduct in-depth assessments of your cloud infrastructure. By thoroughly examining its architecture and configurations, we help you identify and eliminate any vulnerabilities, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your cloud-based resources.
What we offer


Subdomain Takeover Monitor

Introducing our Subdomain Takeover Monitor, a comprehensive SaaS platform designed to safeguard your online presence. By actively monitoring domain records across multiple providers, including:

  • AWS Route53
  • Cloudflare
  • Google Cloud DNS
  • Azure DNS

Our platform ensures comprehensive coverage and protection. In addition to real-time incident notifications via Slack, our advanced capabilities also allow for automatic disabling of potentially vulnerable domain records, minimizing risks and enhancing your overall security posture. Rest assured that your domains are continuously monitored and protected with our cutting-edge Subdomain Takeover Monitor.

subdomain takeover monitor
code security

Code Security Platform


Introducing our advanced Code Security Platform, a robust tool designed to streamline code repository management. With its extensive feature set, including:

  • GitHub assets inventory
  • Proactive security misconfiguration detection
  • Fine-grained access management

Our platform empowers you to enhance code security, foster seamless collaboration, and gain valuable insights into your development process. Elevate your code management capabilities and strengthen your application's defenses with our cutting-edge Code Security Platform.

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