Web Application Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Our team of expert penetration testers combines automated and manual testing techniques to evaluate the security of web applications. We follow industry-standard methodologies to thoroughly assess both the web application itself and the APIs managing data communication.
web application penetration testing
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Types of Web Application Penetration Testing

web application penetration testing service

Web Application Penetration Testing

Comprehensive web application penetration testing services to ensure the robust security of your online platforms. Our expert team employs cutting-edge methodologies, combining automated tools and manual testing, to identify vulnerabilities and fortify your web applications against cyber threats. Trust us to secure your web presence and safeguard sensitive data.
api penetration testing service

API Penetration Testing

Explore our API penetration testing services designed to secure the core of your online functionalities. Our skilled testers assess the security of your APIs using industry-leading methodologies, uncovering vulnerabilities and providing actionable recommendations. Enhance the resilience of your web-based services with our API penetration testing expertise.
web application penetration testing service

Web Application
Vulnerability Assessment

Rigorous web application vulnerability assessment to proactively identify and mitigate potential security risks. Our experts conduct a thorough analysis, uncovering vulnerabilities and delivering actionable insights. Ensure the highest security standards for your web applications and protect both your platform and user data.
api penetration testing service

API Vulnerability Assessment

Comprehensive API vulnerability assessment services to secure the core of your online functionalities. Our experts meticulously analyze APIs, identifying potential security risks and providing actionable insights. Ensure your APIs meet the highest security standards, protecting both your web-based services and user data.
How we do it

Testing Methodologies


We Use the Best Industry Standards

Web Application Security Testing based on OWASP Security Framework Methodology is a critical process ensuring a comprehensive approach to assess the security of web applications. Our testing methodology involves:

  • Thorough assessment of OWASP Top 10 Web Security Risks
  • Evaluation of categories including data storage, cryptography, authentication, authorization, network communication, platform interaction, code quality, reverse engineering, privacy, and business logic
  • Utilization of both manual and automated testing techniques
  • Identification of vulnerabilities with actionable recommendations for mitigation

Our methodology is essential for ensuring web applications comply with industry regulations, prevent data breaches, protect sensitive information, and maintain customer trust. We follow the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG) for a robust assessment.

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Testing Approaches

Understanding Your Testing Options

Explore our diverse testing approaches tailored to meet your specific security needs:

  • Black Box Testing: Conducted from an external perspective, simulating real-world cyber-attacks to uncover vulnerabilities without prior knowledge of the internal workings of your application.
  • Gray Box Testing: A balanced approach, combining external and limited internal insights to provide a nuanced understanding of your application's security posture.
  • White Box Testing: In-depth analysis of internal structures and code, offering a transparent view of your application's security landscape, facilitating comprehensive vulnerability identification.

Our flexible testing methodologies empower you to choose the approach that aligns with your security goals. Whether you need a simulated external attack, a blend of external and internal insights, or a deep dive into your application's internals, we have the expertise to ensure a thorough assessment.


How We Do It

Explore our streamlined four-phase web application security approach:

  • 1. Pre-engagement:

    Detailed discussions to tailor testing type, scope, schedule, and reporting preferences.

  • 2. Security Testing:

    Meticulous testing based on industry standards to identify and address web application security weaknesses.

  • 3. Reporting:

    Systematic collection and presentation of findings, with classified risk assessments and detailed remediation guidance.

  • 4. Retest:

    Rigorous verification of security fix implementations to prevent potential exploitation of web application vulnerabilities.

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