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What is Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing is important part of modern Software Development LifeCycle because all modern Internet is huge ocean of web applications.

Web applications is still most popular type of applications. Each business need to be present in the Internet. Automatization and centralization it's all about web application. And however it must be secure! Our mission is to make you aware risks and present ways to mitigate it.

Types of Web Application Security Testing


Black-box testing is conducted without the tester's having any information about the app being tested. This process is sometimes called "zero-knowledge testing." The main purpose of this test is allowing the tester to behave like a real attacker in the sense of exploring possible uses for publicly available and discoverable information.


Gray-box testing is all testing that falls in between the two aforementioned testing types: some information is provided to the tester (usually credentials only), and other information is intended to be discovered. This type of testing is an interesting compromise in the number of test cases, the cost, the speed, and the scope of testing. Gray-box testing is the most common kind of testing in the security industry.


White-box testing (sometimes called "full knowledge testing") is the total opposite of black-box testing in the sense that the tester has full knowledge of the app. The knowledge may encompass source code, documentation, and diagrams. This approach allows much faster testing than black-box testing due to it's transparency and with the additional knowledge gained a tester can build much more sophisticated and granular test cases.

Our Methodology

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Vulnerability Analysis



Our company uses a common methodologies for security testing: OWASP Testing Guide, Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM). As a result we'll provide detailed report with all findings and described way to fix it an improve security.

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