Cloud Security Assessment Service

Cloud Security Assessment and Cloud Security Hardening

for AWS and Azure clouds

what is

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment is an assessment of your Cloud Infrastructure Security, providing recommendations and remediations and presenting and discussing it with you. Why it is so important now? More and more companies don't want to maintain infrastructure and choose Cloud-way. Some Security level is guaranteed by Cloud provider, but some levels of infrastructure must be covered by a customer. So we could cover you on that. Our engineers know Cloud Security Best Practices and are ready to apply it to your infrastructure!

how we work

Our approach

1. Pre-engagement

On the Pre-engagement phase we'll discus the type of testing you would like to get, the scope of testing (it is usually based on range of components used), schedule, reporting, contact points and so on.

2. Security Assessment

During the Security Assessment phase we'll identify Cloud Infrastructure weaknesses.

3. Reporting

Reporting phase embrace collecting all findings and formatting them for presenting. Depending on agreement on the first phase it might be document, presentation, or tickets in your bug tracking system (like JIRA). All findings will be risk and severity classified. Also we'll provide remediation and development best practices to eliminate such kind of issues in future. You can request a Cloud Security Assessment Sample Report using the contact form.

4. Verification

When all planed fixes will be ready (which could be made by our engineers), we'll schedule Verification phase. In this phase we'll verify security fixes implementation for discovered issues.

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