Subdomain Takeover Monitor

Prevent Subdomain Takeover by enabling continuous monitoring of your domains. Automatically import all your assets from AWS Route53 or Cloudflare and get notifications in case of potential vulnerability via Email or in Slack.

Subdomain Takeover Monitor

What is Subdomain Takeover Monitor?

Subdomain Takeover Monitor is a platform that will help you to manage your domains and scan them for potential subdomain takeover. Automated import, continuous monitoring and timely notifications won't let your domains to be hijacked by hackers.

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With Subdomain Takeover Monitor you can do:

Continuous Monitoring

We care about your domains' security 24/7! You can configure notifications and be sure you'll get notifications once a domain will be discovered as potentially vulnerable to subdomain takeover.


Subdomain Takeover Monitor could be integrated with following services:

AWS Route53

Subdomain Takeover Monitor could automatically import DNS records from your AWS Route53.


The same way as AWS Route53, Subdomain Takeover monitor could pull DNS records from your Cloudflare account.


Get notified of potential Subdomain Takeover vulnerabilities via Slack configuring Slack Webhook.

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